Portfolio Tracker

Keep track of your portfolio! Everyday!

Portfolio Tracker help you to follow the ups and downs of the stock market. You just need to search for your stocks, enter the quantity own and your average price. The app will then report you the current value of your portfolio.

View the completed details history of your stocks

In the stock detail page, you can vue the compete price history for a stock. The blue line represent your purchase price. In time, you'll see the price variation compared to your purchase price.

Easy track your stock list with multipe indicators!

Differents period of analysis are available.

Displayed values :

  • Returns : Amount of money that you gain or lost
  • Absolute : Percentage of gain or lost return
  • Annualized : Percentage of gain or lost return by year
  • Price : Historical Price

Start track your portfolio now

Our app is available on iOS 13+ device only! The application is free for up to 5 stocks. Beyond 5, a subscription is needed. Several subscription options are available.