Faucher Softwares

Who I am!

My name is Patrick Faucher. I create ios app on my free time. I created them for fun. I mainly use Xcode and Visual Studio Code to create them.
My full time job is business intelligence analyst.

My projects :


Portfolio Tracker is a stock tracker. Compared to other apps, you can easily add stock to your portfolio with your purchase price. In time, you will see your gains or loses with charts and tables. Much more features are waiting for you!


This app is design for people who are working outside and want to calculate distance between points using the build-in GPS of their iPhone. The result will be as good as the precision of the GPS.

To calculate the distance, since the earth isn’t a perfect sphere, we are calculating the earth radius according to your position on the earth. We are also considering the altitude of your position to be as precise as we can get.